WorkerAmazing Light was formed Aug. 1, 2006 by the owners Albert and Elaine Silva. They are native New Mexicans and believe the electrical service industry needs an affordable change.

A loyal growing group of customer’s and business owners defines our success. Our failures lay only our delay in expanding our company to its full potential in this economic down turn and not gaining a larger market share by only providing limited services.

We have learned lessons in watching our competitor’s inability to make the customer happy by simply asking questions and fulfilling their needs. Amazing Light has a fantastic reputation in community as a leader, competitive sales strategies and strong profit history. We can provide any number of employees depending on the project size.

Amazing Light Building and Electrical, LLC has managed difficult projects with various problems and we solved and survived them by strategic planning and training.

Most important strengths and core competencies:

  • Amazing Light has industry leading customer service, and a comprehensive training program. We have developed a diverse product line with high customer demand.
  • The company is leading the industry by providing a single source vendor for complete electrical design; this includes Solar Energy Systems, Energy Efficient Lighting, Security, Communications and Electrical Services.
  • Our employees receive continued training direct from product engineers. This provides a strong knowledge base and a good support relationship from vendors.
  • As the owner, I started the business with the strong understanding that construction is cyclical and I developed a sales platform constant and stable. This platform also provides residual income.

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