Premium Emergency Kit

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– Overcharging and overheating protection

– 9.6V LiFePO4 batteries

– Two-color status LED indicator

– Prewired and easy to us.


The Premium Emergency Kit is an easy to use battery backup kit for emergency lighting applications.

The backup driver, LED driver and battery are accommodated inside a low profile J-box.

With the J-box, the Emergency Kit is a plug and play unit for LED panels and troffers.

The J-box can also be removed when the Emergency Kit is required to install in a retrofitted lay-in fixture or outdoor fixtures like wallpacks and canopy lights.

Technical Specifications:

Dimension: 280*87*52 mm (11.23*3.43*2.05 inch)

Ingress Protection: IP 20

Operating Temperature: -20~45℃

Storage Temperature: -40~70℃

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM (Emergency Battery Pack)

Input Voltage: 100-277VAC

Input Current: 0.07A

Input power: <4w< span=””>

Output Voltage: 11V~36V

Output Current (Constant): 100mA-700mA

Output Power: 8W

Battery Capacity: 9.6V 1500mhA LiFePO4

Emergency Duration Time: 1.5 hours

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM (Battery Charging)

Battery Capacity: 9.6V 1500mhA LiFePO4

Charging Duration Time: 24 hours